Bond Request Letters

Under the Freedom of Information Act, The Sunshine Act and the state codes, you can send a request for the surety bond for any elected or appointed official via email and/or certified mail.  You can also call them or walk straight into their offices.  

Every bond holder is required by law to supply this material.  The trick is finding out who to ask for it.  Most states are organized in 4 zones:  (1) State (2) County (3) City (4) Town.  Many elected officials fall under a blanket bond that covers one of the zones.  Though this may very state to state, here is a list of officials by zone.

Be persistent!  If they are not providing this information to you, we recommend that you join your state Telegram channel and learn what’s working for others in your state.  

Standard FOIA Letters by State

Here are some of the sample letters that we have created to date. We will continue to add to this list as we assist patriots throughout the world. 

If your state is not listed,  you can start with one of these templates.  Simply replace the statues listed in the template with the statutes that are specific to your state laws.  You can also reference the state codes that we have found to date that are relevant to our situation.

FOIA Request for State Department of Education

Here is a sample letter to send to your Department of Education. 

FOIA Request for the Governor, Secretary of State, and Sheriff

Here are two sample letters to send to your Governor, SOS, and/or Sheriff.   Note: This was written for Arizona.  You would need to update the state code references.

Form groups with people you trust and make sure you do your research.  Find underwriters, lawyers and researchers in your groups – all it takes is a little persistence.