Are Mandates Based on EUA Products Legal or Illegal?

The Law Is The Law

No matter how we look at it the results are the same. The governments, school boards, businesses, and health departments all broke the law. Everyone failed to supply us with the information from the FDA concerning EUA products. 

Many of us have wondered how legal is it to create a mandate based on a product that the FDA has not yet approved but falls under the emergency use authorization (EUA).

The Deputy Counsel to the President looked into this and has broken down the FDA Guidelines concerning the use of masks, PCR test and vaccines. It is a very interesting subject and the outcome is always the same no matter how you write it or look at it. On page 6 of this document you will see where the Deputy Counsel has clearly stated that the FDCA contemplates that each EUA will be subject to various conditions. You have always had the right to accept or refuse to use any of these products that are not approved by the FDA.

What you might not have known is that anyone who is mandating the use of a EUA product must supply each person with a letter from the FDA outlining or establishing a condition. The FDA has fact sheets for each person who is mandated to use one of these products. When businesses, hospitals, doctors, schools, and governments created these mandates they failed to fulfill the complete requirements from the FDA and supply each person with one of the letters that had been prepared by the FDA. Therefore, nobody was given a choice to accept or refuse one of these products.

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