CDC Controls The ESSER III Funds

Its All About Money

The school boards never had our children’s best interest in mind when they created these rules. They acted on greed and the guidance from the CDC. They knew from the start they could never vote to remove these masks they took the money. 

We have all learned by now that the school district received a large sum of money to help reopen the schools. What you might not have known is that the CDC made the rules and guideline for each school to follow in order to receive these funds.

In order for each school district to receive these funds they needed to submit a plan to the State Department of Education. The plan needed to be based on the guideline from the CDC in order to receive these funds.

It is easy to find your school’s plan they submitted to receive these funds. Compare the school’s plan with the rules from the CDC. You will see that the plan is written in some cases word for word what the CDC has written. We never had a choice we were tricked from day one into thinking this was for the benefit and safety of the children. The school boards lied to all of us and tricked us into thinking we were doing the right thing. When in fact all the school boards cared about was the money and how they could waste this money on worthless purchases and not for the education of our children.

Don’t be fooled again into thinking this is all over. This is far from over. The school boards allowed the children to remove their mask but they are trying their best to force each child to take the vaccine in order to enroll and attend school this next year.

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