State Telegram Groups

Bonds for the Win Telegram Group 

We will be closing down the BFTW state Telegram channels as of June 27, 2022.
From the beginning there were 3 main reasons that we set up separate Telegram groups for each state:
1.) We wanted you to be able to connect with like-minded individuals locally.
2.) The statutes are different in each US state and Canadian Province.
3.) Right after we launched our website there were several infiltrators trying to use our trade name and redirect traffic into fake Telegram groups.  So we set up 70 groups and linked them directly from our website so that you could tell which ones were being managed by us.
We then staffed 3 people, set up a bot to block SPAM and managed 140 admins (approx 2 per state).  Many of these individuals were volunteers and we are sincerely GRATEFUL for all of their hard work in supporting you guys!!! 
As all good things must come to an end, we advise you to establish new Telegram channels with the core groups of people that still want to continue connecting through Telegram.  We will give you 3 weeks to do this before shutting those 70 channels down on June 27, 2022.
We will continue to post from the main Bonds for the Win channel to keep everyone up-to-date on news and events. 
For those of you who have questions about mortgages, banking, your Cestui Que Vie, state nationalism, taxes, common law or PMA’s – Please join your local assembly. Trust us, you cannot fight this battle alone and freedom is worth fighting for!!!
If you can’t find a local assembly near you we recommend that you start one.

Also be sure to join the Telegram group designated specifically for your state:

Canadian Provinces:

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