Letter of Intent

Once you have the surety bond in hand, it’s time to serve the individual(s) with a letter of intent.  This is an essential step because it allows time for the issues to be resolved.

Your letter of intent should include the following:

  • The individual who is being served
  • The notifying party
  • A list of state, federal and/or international violations along with descriptions for each
  • A list of demands in order to resolve the situation
  • A timeline for demands to be met before a claim will be filed

Establish a Support Group

It helps to get friends and family to serve a letter of intent with you.  The more claims they receive, the harder it is for these elected officials to deny that they are in violation of the law.

Print one copy for each receiving party and one copy each notifying party.  For example, if you have 5 board members and 10 people serving, you will end up with 50 documents.  You will then serve these documents in a stack dedicated to each board member. 

We also recommend that you include a cover letter on top of each stack so that the receiving party understands what you are handing them as well as the implications of their actions.

Example Letters

The example letters below are from actual cases filed by parents against their schools boards.

Since laws vary by state, we recommend that you use our directory of State Codes for YOUR STATE in order to draft your letter of intent.

Refusal To Supply Information

We are finding out that many of the schools or other elected official are refusing to supply us with their bonds or insurance policies. We can still serve these officials with an SF95 form instead. 

Many elected or appointed officials are refusing to supply us with their oaths of office, a surety bond, or an insurance policy for their legal liability to the public. This is against the law of their state, and federal laws. These officials are still liable for all the crimes they have committed. Therefore, we still have a way to file a claim against these officials by using a Federal Form COL Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law.

Steps To File A Letter Of Intent:

  1. Download the form.
  2. Use a PDF reader to fill in the information on the form.
  3. In a word document list the laws that have been broken, the fine if known, and any information that pertains to the law.
  4. Write one or two brief paragraphs describing the problems, what has taken place, and how the person broke the laws. You can add your demands and a timeframe to cease and desist.
  5. Write a cover letter.
  6. If you are serving to the school board write your speech or otherwise hand deliver this notice to the person you are serving.
  7. If the person fails to cease and desist it is possible to file a claim against this person.
  8. You will follow the procedures here for filing your claim.
  9. We have found out that in all the state the Risk Management Department is in charge of claims filed against the school boards. This could be different if you are filing a claim against a Mayor or other elected official.
  10. You will file your claim against the elected official either using the Risk Management claim form or using the Notice to File a Claim that you can find on our site.
  11. You will not be able to supply Risk Management with an insurance company or policy number. Instead file your claim directly with Risk Management and it is their responsibility to find the insurance policy that this person refused to supply you with. In your notice site this violation and let Risk Management know that you were denied the insurance policy.
  12. You will still need to give Risk Management your affidavit of facts when filing your claim.

Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law.