Cover Letter

Dear Sirs,

This evening, I have served each of you with a letter of intent to file a claim against your school insurance liability policy that is held by a Risk Management Company in lieu of your individual liability bonds that are required by state law for every person who is elected or appointed to government or public office.

According to your policy it is the duty of the policy holder in the event a person files a letter of intent against you for wrongful act, claims or suits to: (copied from your insurance policy)

  1. “You will be deemed to be aware of and have knowledge of an occurrence or wrongful act(s) of the date that your legal department, risk management department, claim administrator or any of your elected, appointed or employed officials receives notice of such occurrence of wrongful act(s).”
  2. “Results in the establishment of a reserve, or would reasonably require the establishment of a reserve, for ultimate net loss under Coverage Part A or loss under Coverage Part B which equals or exceeds 33% of the relevant retained limit that involves any of the following – class actions or punitive class actions.”

You might not realize this yet but each of you is PERSONALLY liable for a pre-determined amount stated in your policy for damages per claim. In your policy each occurrence is one claim filed against your policy. Each occurrence carries a pre-determined deductible that you must pay prior to the insurance company covering the rest of the damages.  

That means you could lose your house, your cars, your job, your retirement, etc. if you DO NOT PAY ATTENTION.  You are in violation of multiple State, Federal and International laws and based on this most recent case in Illinois, you could be facing time in FEDERAL PRISON for your actions if you do not cease and desist!

A downstate Illinois judge issued a ruling declaring Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s emergency rules for COVID-19 mitigations in schools “null and void,” effectively stopping the state’s mask mandate in school buildings.

Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge Raylene Grischow issued the order Friday afternoon in a lawsuit brought by hundreds of parents in more than 145 school districts who claim the mask order denies students due process.

“Statutory rights have attempted to be bypassed through the issuance of executive orders and emergency rules,” she stated in the 29-page order. “This type of evil is exactly what the law was intended to constrain.”

I don’t want to see any of this happen to you.  All I want is what is best for you and our children.