Instructions for Filing Letters of Intent

Preparing and Service Your Letter of Intent

It is necessary to write you own letter of intent. We are here to help you serve your school boards or government officials.

Getting Started:

  1. Write your letter of intent. On the website are example letters you can use to write your own letter. We do not know all the issues in every state and we have supplied you with example letters, state, federal and international violations.
  2. Print the cover letter and sign the letter.
  3. Staple the letter to the Letter of Intent. The cover letter will be the first letter of your package.
  4. Each person you are serving will receive one letter of intent with a copy of the cover letter attached.
  5. Sign both documents and create your package for each person.
  6. If you have other parents that are filing against the school board have them follow the same procedure listed here.
  7. If you are serving the documents by email you will need to have the documents notarized before sending them.
  8. If you are serving an office and the person is not available you will need a letter for the clerk to sign. This is your proof that the documents were delivered to the office.

How to file a claim :

  1. Use the file claim form we have prepared for you.
  2. You will need to complete the claims form.
  3. Have the claim form notarized before sending it by email.
  4. Fill out the Affidavit, print the form, and have the Affidavit notarized before sending it by email.
  5. Once you have completed filing your claim you will need to send each person a letter indicating a claim has been filed against them. You can notify the party by email.

When filing a claim please send one email per claim. State different violations and laws on your claim against each person you have served. You will need to site different violations for each claim. Otherwise, they will try to push all the claims into one. We want separate claims filed for each person.

Thank you and good luck. Please let us know when you have served these letters. Please record the serving of the letters and send us a video. We are hosting all the videos on our website and our Telegram channels.

We have set up Telegram channels for every state in the US and Canada!

Join with people near you and share notes. 

Find underwriters, claims adjustors, lawyers and researchers.  All it takes is a little persistence – don’t give up, you CAN do this!