Stop The Tyranny Fight Back

The fight seems long and hard. However, we have one advantage they never thought we would use against them. SURETY BONDS!

Every Government Elected Official since 1792 is obligated to obtain a PUBLIC OFFICIAL SURETY bond before he can take the oath of office.

So why is this important to us?

  1. The surety bond is a PERSONAL LIABLILITY to the Public Official.
  2. The bond is our SECURITY and PERSONAL GUARANTEE that the Public Official will do his job and doesn’t harm WE THE PEOPLE.
  3. The Public Official has taken an oath to uphold the constitution of his state and of the United States.
  4. If he fails to uphold the constitution, he is personally liable for all damages he has caused.
  5. The surety bond is a two way contract between the Public Official and We The People.
  6. If the Public Official breaks this contract We the People can file a claim against him personally through the Surety Bond Company.


Every action a Public Official does while he holds this office, he is personally responsible for. If he fails to uphold the constitution or enforces unlawful laws on We the People we can hold him personally accountable for these actions.

The Constitution of the United State, of each State and the Bill of Rights protects We the People. If enough people are tired of

  1. Vaccine mandates
  2. Mask mandate
  3. Lockdowns
  4. Business closures
  5. Discrimination from businesses if we are not vaccinated
  6. Forced mask mandates in public school
  7. Forced vaccine mandates in businesses
  8. Forced PCR testing to keep your job
  9. Trying to force vaccines in public school
  10. Critical race theory


We have the means to stop this now. Once we file a letter of intent to file a claim against the Public Officials surety bond he stands up and take notice. All it takes is 10 strong people to stand up and fight back. The Public Official is personally liable for each and every claim that is filed against their Surety Bond. He only has two choices now. Listen to our demands and change or pay us the full amount of his surety bond.

Once enough claims are filed against the surety bond the bond company will cancel his bond. This does not affect us. We will still be paid for all damages. If the Public Official surety bond is cancelled and he cannot obtain a new surety bond he is forced to step down. The Public Official cannot hold office if he cannot be bonded.