Companies or Unions

Filing A Claim Against A Surety Bond

Companies & Unions

STEP 1: Look on the website for your state to determine the law governing surety bond requirements. If the Company or Union is not part of the US Government there is no need to search for the state codes.

STEP 2: How to obtain a copy of the surety bond(s) from your Union or Company.

  1. Download the letter for the bond request from the website.
  2. Write the letter and deliver it to your company or union.
  3. Normally the Union Secretary or Treasurer will have a copy of the surety bond or the information concerning the bond.
  4. In a company talk with the director to see who is responsible for the surety bond.


STEP 3: Once you know the name of the Bond Company and the bond number. 

  1. Call the bond company and inquire how you may obtain a certify copy of the bond.
  2. Give the person on the other end the name on the bond and the bond number.
  3. Find out when you can pick-up the bond.
  4. Be prepared to pay for the certified copy of the bond.


STEP 4:  Once you obtain the certified copy of the bond:

  1. Write the Union Rep or the bond holder for the company a letter of intent to file against his/her surety bond.
  2. The letter of intent is on the website.
  3. State the reason you are making a claim against his/her bond.
  4. Indicate the violations the Union Rep or Company has committed.
  5. Outline the injuries you have suffered.
  6. Give the person(s)l time to correct the problem.

If the Union Rep or Company does not correct the problems:

STEP 5: File a claim against the Union Rep or Company’s Surety bond.

  1. Talk with the surety bond company and ask about the rules for filing against a surety bond.
  2. Each Surety Bond Company is different.
    Follow the instructions the Surety Bond Company gives you.
  3. If the Bond Company requests you write a letter to file your claim.
  4. Download the file from the website.

Note: Filing claims against Surety Bonds is different for each bond. In most cases you will only need to write a letter to the Surety Bond Company to file your claim. In the letter state the union or company violations and how this has injured you. Details are important when drafting your claim letter.

The letter should indicate the amount of damages you are seeking. The amount of damages cannot exceed the amount of the surety bond. Use legal terms “negligent infliction of emotional distress” or property damage.

STEP 6: Fill out the claim form or download the claim letter from the website:

  1. Complete the form you are required to submit for your claim.
  2. Pay close attention to the details they are important. You need to stay within the scope of the bond. Each bond lists the details of the bond. You can only claim injuries according to the bond.
  3. List the violations the Union Rep or Company has committed.
  4. Detail how he/she has violated his/her responsibilities to the union workers or the people employed by the company.
  5. Submit the clam to the Bond Company.
  6. You cannot file for damages in excess of the bond amount.