Hot On The Trail In Illinois

Violet contacted us to help her file against Bethalto Community Unit School District 8 School Board and Superintendent of Schools. Her son attends one of the high schools in the area and is exempt from wearing a mask because he has autism. The teachers at the school continue to force him to wear a mask. He now suffers from extreme anxiety and has been placed in a state hospital for observation.

I instructed her to obtain a copy of the Public Official Surety Bonds so we could proceed with the filing.

  • Violet called the State Board of Education to inquire about the surety bonds.
  • She was instructed to call the district Superintendent Office to obtain a copy of the bonds.
  • The bonds were emailed to her account under the FOIA Act.

We helped Violate prepare the Intent to File a Claim Against a Public Official Surety Bond. In the filing package was included a COL (color of law) claim. Violet proceeded to get 7 other parents to file a claim with her against the Superintendent Surety Bond.

For the last two days Violet has been trying to serve the Superintendent with the package of papers. This is what she is up against:

  1. Arrived yesterday for the scheduled meeting. The Superintendent was at the clinic but suddenly disappeared.
  2. Violet went to the police department to file charges against the Superintendent for avoiding being served with the package of papers.
  3. A police officer was sent to the Superintendent’s home to speak with her.
  4. The Superintendent agreed to accept the package of papers.
  5. An email was sent to arrange a meeting to deliver the papers.
  6. The Superintendent again refused to meet and asked if Violet could deliver the papers to her office on Jan 3, 2022.
  7. Violet went to the home and saw the Superintendent walking up her driveway and entered her home.
  8. When Violet knocked on the door the Superintendent refused to answer the door.

Violet is on her way back to the police department to request an officer go with her to serve the papers to the Superintendent.

Stay tuned as this saga unfolds and find out how Violet finally gets her papers served.